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On 13 December 2016 a series of demonstrations under the banner of Citizens’ Strike (SO) will be held in many Polish cities and abroad. This event was initiated by Radomir Szumelda, who on the 13 October 2016 called upon all Poles to take to the streets and set up a national Polish event on FB. The suggested forms of protest are: gatherings, marches, pickets, wearing black clothes and carrying the symbolic black umbrellas. This is not a strict requirement and the activists organising strikes are free to chose how they wish to demonstrate their opposition to the government. Local and regional coordinators registered at the national SO organisation ( and this way, they become part of the event.

We have so far, over 80 events registered in Poland and abroad. The list of events is at this link:

The purpose of SO is to organise a strike as well as to initiate a debate to prepare real strategy to prevent the destructive work of the government. SO supports all groups, projects, initiatives or organisations who work to defend democracy, human rights and citizen rights.

Why do we strike?

The anguish in parts of the Polish society is born from dreadful style of government by Law and Justice party (PiS). Destruction by this government is increasingly visible in our reality.

Paralysing democratic state institutions with the Constitutional Tribunal at the top of their agenda, subsequent attempts to thwart human and citizen rights as seen in surveyance legislation and in the attempts to introduce total ban on abortions, impose limitations on free public assemblies or to denounce convention on preventing violence. PiS’s nomenklature encroaches on more parts of the Polish state and ‘misiewicze’ (term coined to describe those appointed to their posts based on their political or familial connections) exemplify this best. The prestige of Poland on the international arena has been severely degraded. The actions by Macierewicz weakens Poland’s security. The government wants to implement improvised and harmful educational reforms, despite the fact that Polish schoolchildren achieve one of the best results in world ranking, as is shown in the independent international research. Microeconomic data indicate significant worsening in the condition of the Polish economy and financial stability is under serious threat. These are but few examples of the destructive activities of the PiS government.

Change by Citizen’s Strike – narrative: AGAINST PIS!

Demonstrations so far, in their peaceful characteristics, have shown that we can put a break on the government’s zeal. Many of us said that we were not against PiS, but against bad decisions by the government. Enough! Today, we have to name things as they are. Today, we are against PiS, against a gang of upstarters who ruin the painstaking work of the millions of Poles, who ruin the legacy of Poland, our prestige on the international arena. We will all pay high price for PiS’ politics, but the highest price will be paid, as it is usually the case, by the least prosperous. We want to put an end to political correctness in relation to PiS and its destructive work and violation of constitutional order and law. We must from now on, forget about differences. We have to unite in our protest remembering that it is not the banners of particular organisations, but the values, ideas and people.


Symbolism of the date

The symbolic date of the 13th of December relates to the outbreak of the martial law in Poland in 1981. The fight to preserve the democratic state of law is a tribute to the victims of the martial law.

Organisers and participants
The strike is coordinated by the following:
Radomir Szumełda – – initiator
Piotr Chabora –
Magdalena Filiks –
Alina Rachela Krutel –
Małgorzata Lech-Krawczyk –
Jarosław Makowiec –
Jarosław Marciniak –
Katarzyna Mortoń –
Bartosz Sierpniowski –
Tomasz Sokólski –
Piotr Paszkiewicz –
Kasia Uzdrowska –
Robert Wagner –

The list of local and regional coordinators is available here:

The Board of the Committee for the Defence of Democracy, end of November, expressed its support for the Citizens’ Strike. The Citizens’ Strike will be joined by many social groups and organisations as well as political parties who locally, or regionally cooperate with the activists of the SO.

Important links:

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